Mark Parnell. The Only Beard in State Politics.


Public Transport

Wouldn’t it be great if the bus actually came on time? Or what about a train or tram directly to your campus? The Greens are the only Party offering a new vision for public transport. We’ll also put bikes on buses, so that you can catch the bus up the Flinders hill, and ride down again on the way home.

Climate Change

It’s time to wake up and serious action to defeat our society’s addiction to fossil fuels. It’s going to benefit the job-market, your health and also the wallets of students and families.

Marriage Equality

Just do it. Everyone deserves a fair go, and discrimination is never ok.

Students having a say

The Greens know that universities are a hotbed of new ideas, critical thinking and change-making. We want to ensure that young people have the freedom to think of new ways to change the world. This means being empowered to have a say in student politics and in society more broadly.

Mental Health

The Greens are serious about mental health. It’s not just about dementia and depression, although these are important. It’s also about stress, healthy eating, relationships and families. Everything is linked, and so needs an holistic approach. That’s the better way that the Greens offer.

Quality, Affordable Education

The Greens are the champions of first-rate education. We believe that it shouldn't matter how wealthy you are or where you live, it's everyone's right to have the best education we can provide. This applies to primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as higher degree research education.

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