Stop Significant Tree Carnage!


The State Government has sold part of the Glenside Hospital site and property developers, Cedar Woods, intend to build a new housing estate on the Fullarton Road / Greenhill Road site.

Despite an intense and well supported community campaign to protect the area’s natural heritage (including the homes of native birds and animals) and preserve the character of the site, the destruction of  83 significant and regulated trees began on June 19th this year.

The responsibility for this senseless destruction ultimately stops with the State Government, whose inadequate tree protection laws make a mockery of protecting important urban vegetation. 

The Greens are introducing a Bill to change the law to ensure significant trees are better protected from needless destruction.

Sign the petition now to stop the axing of significant trees!

We, the undersigned residents of South Australia, call on the State Government to change the law to both prevent the unnecessary destruction of significant trees and force property developers to incorporate important vegetation into their projects for the benefit of the environment and the wider community.

Will you sign?