Protect SA's Foodbowl!


The Government continues to ignore farmers.

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This month Mark joined hundreds of South Australians gathered on the steps of Parliament House calling on the State Government to protect our valuable farmland from large-scale mining projects and risking our groundwater resources in fracking for gas. 

South Australia is big, but only a small proportion of our State is suitable for growing crops.  That’s why protecting food-growing land for the future should be a top priority.  It makes no sense to sacrifice our foodbowl for short-term mining projects that leave the land worthless once the mines are exhausted.

Sure, mining in outback areas can also cause problems if not properly managed, but open-cut mines and farmland just don’t mix. 


Yorke Peninsula farmers are coming out in droves to express their horror at a massive open-cut mine planned for near Ardrossan.

Residents from the South-East of SA are also voicing their opposition to fracking for gas on local farms.  Why would we risk poisoning critical groundwater supplies on which the whole community depends?  To add insult to injury, the gas companies won’t be paying any royalties for 5 years thanks to the Government’s budget generosity.

Meanwhile, fishing and tourism operators from Kangaroo Island are worried about the offshore oil and gas industry that threatens some of our most important natural environments that provide a home for sealions, fur seals and the rare blue whale.

This eclectic mix of country and city folk stand united in the demand for better laws and policies that protect our environment and rural communities.

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