Keeping SA GM-Free

GM-free canola

South Australia has banned the cultivation of genetically modified crops across the whole of SA since 2004.

This has been done to preserve South Australia's important GM-Free status for marketing purposes. Global consumer demand for non-GM foods is increasing and South Australia's clean and green image provides SA farmers and businesses with a lucrative marketing and price advantage. 

The Greens support the existing ban. Farmers and consumers have a right to grow and consume non-GM foods. The enormous consequences of contamination of non-GM crops by neighbouring GM crops and the resulting loss of GM-free status or organic certification are too significant to ignore. 

South Australia remains the only mainland Australian State to remain GM-free. The Greens want to keep SA GM-free.

The current ban (moratorium) on growing genetically modified crops in South Australia will expire on 1st September 2019.

The Greens have introduced a Bill to extend the ban to 1st September 2025.

We are standing with the people of South Australia, calling on the SA Parliament to extend the ban and Keep SA GM-Free.

Add your voice and sign the petition.

We, the undersigned residents of South Australia, call upon the South Australian Parliament to legislate to extend the current moratorium on the cultivation of GM crops across the entire state, until 1st September 2025.

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