Adelaide Festival Plaza Design Competition


Entries for this competition have now closed - please watch this space for announcement of the winner!





The Festival Plaza behind Parliament House in Adelaide is an important public space in the heart of our cultural precinct.  However, it is under-used, tired and in dire need of rejuvenation.  Instead of consulting the public, the SA Government has given exclusive redevelopment rights to the Walker Corporation.  As a result, the plan is to build a 24 storey office tower and to privatise public land.  You can see the Walker plans in all their gory glory here in InDaily and here in AdelaideNow.

We know you could do better, 


You're invited to help design a new plaza!

It doesn't need to be professional, but it needs to be creative and fun and keep the public interest at its heart. If you submit the best design, you and a friend will join me for a luncheon in the Parliamentary Dining Room, which overlooks the Plaza.

We need to maintain the plaza as public space, and maximise its potential as an active zone for recreational, artistic, cultural and community activities.

Judging Criteria:

  • Maximise open, usable & flexible public space;
  • Provide facilities for visitors, both permanent and pop-up
  • Minimise disruption of parkland views, the Parliament, the historic Adelaide Railway Station and the Adelaide Festival Centre;
  • Be creative and also functional;
  • Must cost less than $180 million*
  • Anything else I think of later.

(*don't actually worry about the cost, that's just how much taxpayers are spending for the current design.)

Tips and Tools

  1. Download the background image files here.
    Festival Plaza - overhead
    Festival Plaza - aerial from NE
    Festival Plaza - oblique from NW
  2. On all or any of these you can sketch/draw/photoshop/sculpt over the top.  Texta colours or fancy computer tools are all OK.  You can add any other plans, photos or drawings if you like.
  3. Scan or take a photo of your final design.
  4. Email me your final image(s), accompanied by a short description of your ideas.
  5. You must agree to allowing your designs to be published on-line. (there's no copyright in this competition!)

How to Enter

Send your designs and ideas to as an attachment. Don't forget to include your name, phone, address etc so I can get back in touch with you. I'll upload all suitable entries to my website and the public will be able to vote on their favourite. Since I'm shouting lunch, I'll make the final decision.  Have fun!

Entries close 1st June 2015.