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South Australia’s Bike Blackspots

Get The Greens’ "Bike Blackspot" app for iPhone or iPad and start working for a better deal for cyclists and for the environment. Get it now.

This simple "Bike Blackspot" app allows you to log a problem, describe it in a few words, take a photo if you like and Bingo - it's sent to those who need to know and uploaded to an on-line Bike Blackspot map!

It's a great way to identify problems and help get things fixed.  Your fellow cyclists will thank you.  The more people marking a blackspot, the higher up the fix list it goes.

So tell us - where are the most obvious gaps or dangerous parts of the cycle network you use? Where is key cycling infrastructure lacking? Which routes are incomplete? Where are end of trip facilities most needed? Photos really help, so make sure you include one so we can see what you mean.

You can also use the app to report a lack of bike facilities such as bicycle parking, report vehicles parked in bike lanes and yes, you can even send positive feedback, so the planners know what's working well.

When you log a report, your feedback is sent automatically to the SA Transport Minister, the Federal Transport Minister, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Greens SA Transport Spokesperson Mark Parnell MLC. Your report (but no personal details) are also uploaded to the bike blackspot map, which is available for anyone to see (see bottom of page).


This bike blackspot was found at the wooden footbridge over the River Torrens, and was reported via the app in March 2013.

As all cyclists know, aspirations and targets such as those in the State Strategic Plan and State & National Cycling Strategies, need to be backed up with funding.  That means investing in new facilities for cycling and fixing up our existing cycling environment.  Sometimes fixing a Bike Blackspot is cheap and easy.  Other times more effort is needed.  If we are serious about promoting cycling for all its environmental and health benefits, then we need to make it clear to governments that serious action and funding is needed.  After all, there are lots of us.  There have been more new bicycles than cars sold in Australia every year for the past decade!

The information collected through the Bike Blackspot App will be used to lobby for serious funding for cycling infrastructure to build a better network.

Don't have an iPhone or iPad? Simply email your feedback with the location, relevant details, and a photo of the blackspot to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam at and to Mark at  We'll upload it for you.  Android users can also use their phones and cameras to email reports. 

Launch of the app in Adelaide by Mark & Senator Scott Ludlam on 6/7/12

Radio Interview

Click on the logo below to listen to my discussion with ABC891 Mornings presenter Ian Henschke about the Bike Blackspot App on 24/7/12.


Bike Blackspot map

This Bike Blackspot map is a compilation of cycling blackspots throughout South Australia submitted by cyclists using the Bike Blackspot app for iPhone and iPad.