Selling off Crown waterfront land on Kangaroo Island

The SA Government is considering selling off or leasing waterfront Crown land near Pelican Lagoon on Kangaroo Island to a private golf course developer.  They are proposing a private golf resort, clubhouse and a 180 bed hotel as well as the fairways and putting greens.

According to Departmental ecological consultants, the land is mostly high quality native remnant vegetation associated with rare sandy coastal fringe and clifftop habitat. The land  includes cliffs up to 50m high. 

The land is part of a Coastal Conservation area and it is extremely important for biodiversity.  It provides habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna such as the Southern Brown Bandicoot and the Hooded Plover, both of which are on the nationally threatened EPBC (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act) list.  It also provides a corridor and habitat for other endangered, threatened and rare fauna.

An Aboriginal archeological site also exists in the midst of the proposed fairways.  It has never been properly assessed and is in danger of being destroyed.

Pelican_Lagoon_dunes_photo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Deb Sleeman & Andy Collis

The Greens believe that this important land must remain publicly owned land. Privatisation for a golf course is not acceptable and is a betrayal of public trust.

The claim by the Government that this land is "surplus to requirements" is nonsense. Protecting important remnants of the natural environment should be a core responsibility of government.

The Greens are calling for this proposal to be rejected outright. No sale of waterfront land at Pelican Lagoon!

Who's signing

We the undersigned residents of South Australia, call on the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, Hon Ian Hunter MLC, to reject the sale or lease of Crown coastal land at Pelican Lagoon on Kangaroo Island.

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