Future of Cycling in SA


Let's make Adelaide one of the great cycling cities! 

With cycling firmly on the agenda, it's now time to get the detail right.

The State Government has released it's response to the Citizens' Jury on cycling, and many of the recommendations are similar to your comments on the Greens' consultation paper as well (here's the final report).

Prior to this I had sought feedback from cyclists and compiled it into a report. I referred to many cyclists’ ideas in my speech to Parliament and also gave a copy to the Transport Minister and other stakeholders.

You can find the link to my full speech here.

On Ride2Work Day in October 2014, I organised and hosted a Cycling Roundtable in Parliament House which gathered 40 cycling advocates and stakeholders to discuss one key question: how do we make Adelaide one of the great cycling cities?

The Government has now taken some of that feedback on board, especially regarding the one-metre-rule for passing bikes, and also riding on footpaths.

Adelaide has perfect weather and terrain for cycling, yet most bikes gather dust in garages because too many of our roads are perceived as unsafe for cycling. Much of the reason for this lies in the state of our roads and the fact that cyclists’ needs have been ignored for decades.

In May 2015 I introduced a motion to the SA Parliament noting that the Cycling Strategy for South Australia expired in 2010 and calling on the State Government to develop a new one.

I also noted that of the over 1 billion dollars allocated to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in the 2013 – 2014 State Budget, less than one half of one percent of that amount was earmarked for cycling.  My motion called on the State Government to at least double the allocation of funds to cycling infrastructure in the next State Budget.

During the Tour Down Under this January, I again called on the State Government to release a new cycling strategy as well as increase funding for cycling infrastructure to at least 1% of the Transport Department budget.

Without a comprehensive long term direction for cycling, there is a risk that scarce funds will not be spent where it’s most needed.

Please feel free to provide your feedback in the comments section below on how you'd like to see cycling in Adelaide. If you provide your details, I'll ensure you're kept up to date with all the latest.